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Act Now! Sign Our Petition to President Obama

Jun 29, 2011 | By Page May

Please sign our petition to President Obama, calling for a White House Summit on the wealth gap. We want to deliver this petition to the White House in July, with at least 10,000 signatures.

We believe the growing wealth gap is a crisis that needs White House attention.

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President Obama, Thank you

President Obama, Thank you for all you are doing to urge Congress to act in a way that honors their constituents: we the people of the United States. It is time to stop the talk and walk the walk. Tax reform for the rich must happen; care for the poor and disenfranchised is essential.

Wealth Gap (Hold that thought while I cry)

I work full time, and am grateful to have a career that offers healthcare, and benefits. However, my wages have not kept up with rising prices on just about everything. I am finally self-sufficient, but I feel like I am being punished for working hard. My demographic is being singled out, in order to bail the country out. So be it. But, if that is the route our leaders wish to take, then make sure that our wages are increased, at the same time, while taking steps to curb potential inflation that may arise, as a consequence of putting the burden on our employed shoulders. Thank you.

Wealth Gap

I believe that you must do something immediately (Presidential proclamation) about the wealth gap. Stop the war, Use the Veto. Create q crisis in Congress that will cause the American people to require the Republicans to get off their high horse.

The ever increasing gap is

The ever increasing gap is disgusting and immoral!

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