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Frames for Economic Justice

Jun 07, 2011 | By Page May

Last week, I attended a United for a Fair Economy “Training of the Trainers” workshop in Baltimore. In one of my favorite activities, we participants brainstormed a list of the values, images, and ideas that we envision for a just economy. We were then asked to come up with new “frames” that capture the collective vision.

A “frame” is similar to a sound byte in that it is catchy and concise, but it is also much deeper. Frames aim to be thought-provoking and symbolic of the larger movement. They are linguistic tools that capture the essence of a vision and can fit onto a bumper sticker. Some examples of current frames include “the undeserving poor,” “taxed enough already,” and “welfare queens.”

So, together, we started a list of new frames for economic justice. Here are a few I can remember:

  • Free People Require a Fair Economy
  • Patriotic Wealth
  • The Undeserving Rich
  • Everyone Does Better When Everyone Does Better (from a bumper sticker we saw in the parking lot)
  • We’re All In This Together 

What about you? Share your frames by posting your ideas in a comment!

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How about:

If we want Peace, fund Justice.
End Corporate Welfare.
Educate Everyone.
A Healthy America provides Health Care for Americans.
Hungry for a World Without Hunger.

Mind the Gap! frames

Money speaks- forget the "Common Good"

Common Good vs getting richer.

None of like TAXES

Justice- Share the Wealth

Justice leads to peace

Injustice creates hate for those who have it all.

economic democracy

Wealth is like manure. It needs to be spread around. Meaningful employment at adequate rates of compensation is a right. Local and municipal ownership of cooperatives should be stressed. A house that produces beggars needs restructuring. In Utopia St. Thomas More puts a ceiling on wealth. Taxes are patriotic and should be progressive, a rate according to ability to pay. The war system is eating us alive!  The bottom line should be extended to include responsibility to the workers, the community, and the environment.  Local family organic farmers should get a fair price for their produce.

mind the gap

Hand Up the Hand Up

All is more than the sum

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