Economic Justice

June 2015 Update on our Issue Agenda

Tax Justice: Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

By Colleen Ross, Government Relations Associate

Many have believed it possible for the new Republican leadership in Congress and President Obama to reach some consensus on tax reform. Since Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) became chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee in January, he has tried with Senate Finance Committee chair Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and the president to outline possible reform packages.

Blog: Not Enough Money

Jun 01, 2015 | By Marge Clark, BVM

The time has come! Time for the Republican leadership to agree to negotiate higher spending caps, in order to meet basic needs of those who struggle to keep a roof over their head and feed themselves and family. The budget resolution has been adopted, with limits suggested for each appropriations (spending) committee. Now, members of those House and Senate committees are trying to find enough money to fund the programs about which they care the most.

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Blog: The Emerging Progressive Agenda

May 21, 2015 | By Carolyn Burstein

In a May 12 Washington Post blog, Katrina vanden Heuvel called recent events in advancing a progressive reform agenda a “stunning” development.

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Blog: NETWORK Participates in Historic Conference on Poverty

May 15, 2015 | By Sarah Spengeman

In Washington, we hear politicians on both the left and the right talking every day about “the middle class,” but seldom do they mention the term “poverty.” Political consultants tell candidates that talking about the middle class inspires hope, while talking about poverty sounds too gloomy—people just don’t want to hear it they say.  At NETWORK, we know that the political consultants are wrong, people are hungry for change in this country and they are looking for leaders.

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Blog: Raise the Wage Act a Good First Step

May 13, 2015 | By Carolyn Burstein

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA) introduced legislation on April 30 that would raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour. Their bill would phase out the sub-minimum wage (usually given to "tipped" workers) and would set regular increases to the minimum wage to keep up with the median wage (not indexed with the cost-of-living, as some have demanded).

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Press Release: NETWORK Responds to Senate Vote on Trade

Press Release

FOR RELEASE: May 12, 2015
CONTACT: Stephanie Niedringhaus, 202-347-9797 x224,

Blog: Far From a Faithful Budget

May 01, 2015 | By Colleen Ross

Last Tuesday, Sister Simone Campbell was joined by leaders from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Office of Public Witness, American Muslim Health Professionals, and the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism for a briefing on Capitol Hill calling for a federal budget that is rooted in justice and abides by our shared faith principals.

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Blog: Work Needs to Pay; Work Needs to Work

May 01, 2015 | By Marge Clark, BVM

No household with a person working fulltime should be living below the poverty threshold. Yet, that is the case for millions of Americans. Work needs to pay! The current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour provides a fulltime employee $15,080 annually. In 2014, the poverty threshold for a single person was $12,316; for a family of four it is over $24,000, leaving families in severe poverty although they are working fulltime.

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Blog: The Scandal of Unfair Pay

Apr 30, 2015 | By Nicholas Moffa

“Disparity is a pure scandal.” At his weekly General Audience in St. Peter’s Square on April 29, Pope Francis stated a perspective that could apply to many types of inequality: wealth, economic, racial, ethnic, religious, and educational, just to name a few. However, his words on the unacceptable nature of inequality arose from his passion about gender equality, and equal pay for equal work specifically.

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Press Release: Religious Leaders Brief Congressional Staffers on “Faithful” Federal Budget

Press Release
FOR RELEASE: April 28, 2015
CONTACT: Stephanie Niedringhaus, 202-347-9797 x224,