Blog: I Want to Respect Our Leaders

Marge Clark, BVM
Jul 13, 2011

Yesterday I wrote a letter to members of the House and members of the Senate expressing concern about the tremendous perils facing our nation as administration and congressional leaders continue to struggle (or play political games) with the full faith and trust in our nation. Moments later, I was appalled to read Senator McConnell’s statement, “…I have little question that as long as this President is in the Oval Office a real solution is probably unattainable,” (Congressional Record, July 12, 2012, p. 4495) as he laid out his plan for a three-tier rise in the debt limit.

This plan would be difficult, as votes would be required at each stage. It would be no more moral than the current Republican stance (taxes are not to be a part of the solution) as this is a contingency in the three-tier plan also. They continue to hold that the only solution to the deficit problem – which holds hostage the nation’s ability to avoid default on any of our debts – is cuts to programs which predominantly assist those living in poverty to live with some measure of dignity.

Senator McConnell’s statement yesterday about the President harkens back to his oft repeated statements earlier this year that his main goal in the next two years is to ensure that this is a one-term President.

Holding firm on “no taxes” is a political move, directed toward gaining votes from those who mistakenly believe that the President’s goal is to significantly increase their taxes—now while we are perhaps edging toward recovery from the second deepest recession in recent history. It is a stance he hopes will ensure that President Obama is not reelected in 2012. Whether the President is reelected or not should be based on reality, not on seductive, easy-to-remember falsehoods.

It becomes more and more difficult for me to respect some of those in leadership.

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