Blog: The Effects of Sequestration

Marge Clark, BVM
Feb 25, 2013

The Sequester is bearing down on us!! This Friday, March 1, terrible cuts are due to be made that will seriously affect those in our communities who are barely able to provide food and shelter for themselves and family members. Many members of the House of Representatives are now saying: Oh, it isn’t so bad; its effects are being blown out of proportion by the administration.

Well, the administration is now one of at least three well-respected national groups outlining what the cuts will actually mean – on the ground, in YOUR STATE. As the sequester is designed, cuts would be made at a program level – not at a broad department level. So, cuts are specific to things like Head Start, not to a large entity like the Department of Education or Department of Health and Human Services. So, real children will lose their teachers and aides, and locations will be closed. This is only one of MANY examples.

If this happens, the cuts will be felt by everyone!

Check out the three views of the state level impacts:

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