Setting Out to Mend the Gaps

July 8, 2016

The 2016 election cycle has been marked by anger, fear, polarization, and hate. It is difficult to listen to the news or participate in ordinary discussions in our nation without encountering a high level of hostility. And so, the Nuns on the Bus are hitting the road again, visiting some of our nation’s most economically challenged communities and some of the most prosperous. At every stop, we will meet with Americans who are struggling. We will hear their stories and call on everyone running for office to listen as well, and to do everything in their power to mend the gap –  to close the vast and growing economic and social divides that are weakening the fabric of our country.

To “Reweave the Fabric of our Society” we must mend the wealth and income gap and the access gap.  Throughout our Nuns on the Bus trip, we’ll share our ideas for mending the gaps, and learn from those we encounter about the gaps they experience in their lives.

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The final stop for the Nuns on the Bus tour was the Methodist Building across from the Capitol and next to the Supreme Court.

We look forward to our journey with you!