Nuns on the Bus 2016

Calling on Electeds and Candidates to Mend the Gaps!

NETWORK’s Nuns on the Bus recently went on the road again – daring to call on elected officials and candidates to Mend the Gaps in income and wealth inequality in our nation.

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In an election year, it is crucial that this message be heard and heeded because we know that when people at the economic margins do better, we all do better. We brought the bus to both the Republican and Democratic Conventions where we educated people on the gaps that we are experiencing in our society and NETWORK’s proactive policy strategy that can bridge those divides.

Our goal was to bring a politics of inclusion to divided places, change the conversation to mending the vast economic and social divides in our country, and counter political incivility with our message of inclusion.

NETWORK’s 44 year-old faith-filled political message is an alternative to the anger, fear, and polarization of this election cycle.  We believe in faithful citizenship, which compels us to travel the country to listen to the lived experiences of people in their communities and hold elected officials accountable to the promises they have made to legislate for the common good.

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