How to be a Pope Francis Voter

Make A Plan

Especially for election 2022, your vote is your voice to protect democracy and protect our freedoms. Plan voting day to make sure your don’t miss the opportunity to have your voice heard. Will you early-vote by mail or vote on Election Day? If voting by mail, when is your ballot due? If voting in person, do you know your poll location?

Pro tip: Not only do you avoid potential lines on voting day, but you also stop persistent campaign calls when you vote early. Why? They are tracking voter records and know when you vote. Since you can no longer be persuaded to vote for their candidate, the calls stop!

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Amplify Your Effort

Friends don’t let friends vote alone. Make a list of family members, friends, trusted advisors, etc. to make sure everyone you love and care about has a voting plan, too! When you reach out to encourage them to make a voting plan, ask them to name three people in their network that they can reach out to do the same.

Contact them before election day to remind them about their plan — and to ask about the three people they named. This “vote tripling” creates more voter turn out and gets us closer to thriving communities for all of us!

Research & Reflect

While voting is not a magic pill for all that ills our government, economy, and communities, we know that it is a vital social justice tool that we must use to protect our future. The candidates and ballot initiatives we vote for today, can bring equity, eradicate racist policies, and create better financial futures for families 2, 10, 20 years down the road.

As Pope Francis tells us, issues of justice are equally sacred. Research and reflect on the candidates based on their commitment to make communities safer, preserve our democracy, and prioritize people and families over the ultra-wealthy and corporate tax-cheats.

Equally Sacred Checklist

How can we know that we are voting for candidates who promote the common good? Pope Francis has given clear instructions for how Catholics and all people of good will are to position ourselves and prioritize social issues.

In his writing and speaking, Pope Francis makes it clear: abortion is not the only issue that matters. Catholics are called to be multi-issue voters, not single-issue voters in the 2022 midterm elections and in our continued participation in public life. Use the Equally Sacred Checklist as a guide to reflect on the concerns that Pope Francis says are “equally sacred” to the defense of the unborn.

Download the Equally Sacred Checklist
Watch NETWORK’s Pope Francis Voter Training Workshops

Election 2022 - Pope Francis Voters vote on multiple issues of justice
Vote for All of Us to Thrive

Sign the Pledge

Pope Francis Voters are coming together to protect our freedoms:

To thrive
To retire with dignity
To earn a fair wage
To have affordable health care
To Vote…and more

Will you be a Pope Francis Voter?

Check Tour Dates

The Pope Francis Voter tour will make stops in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. There are also online election events for everyone in the nation.

Find an event near you, or sign up for an online event like this one: White Supremacy in American Christianity.