Be A Voter. Your Vote Is Your Voice. (1200 × 600 px) (2)

We've been voting forever, but we're still not great at it. Looking at the most recent nationwide election in well-developed nations, the U.S. places 30th out of 35 nations in voting-age population voter turn-out (Pew Research, 11/2020). It's time to do better. Get out and BE A VOTER!

Be a voter. Make a plan.

  • VOTE EARLY and choose your own Election Day, avoid long lines, conflicts with work and family schedules, inclement weather, etc.
  • NOVEMBER 8 Election Day voting? Check and double check your poll’s location and operating hours.
  • POPE FRANCIS tells us that issues of justice are equally sacred. Before you cast your ballot, research and reflect on the candidates based on their commitment to make communities safer, preserve our democracy, and prioritize people and families over the ultra-wealthy and corporate tax-cheats.
  • SHARE your plan. You can help our country be better at voting by telling friends and family about your voting plan and encouraging them to make one of their own, too.

Early voting regulations, ballot measures, poll hours, etc. vary by state and locality. VOTE411 has state-by-state information to provide all of the information you need to know about voting in your locality. VOTE411 is a service of the League of Women Voters Education Fund. See their interactive map.

Check Your Registration

Are you registered to vote? Deadlines vary by state, it’s not too late to check! Even if you’re registered, check your record to be sure your information is up-to-date.

Choose Your Voting Day

Will you vote on November 8, the official Election Day or choose an early voting option: in-person, ballot collection box, or mail-in?

Research and Reflect

Research candidates before you cast your vote. The person you vote for now can help eradicate racist policies and create better financial futures for all of us–2, 10, 20 years down the road.

Make a Team

Mobilize at least three people to be voters, too. Help them make their plan, and because friends should not let friends vote alone–have them make a team of voters, too.

It's true, our country hasn't been great at voting. But...

This election season, NETWORK’s Pope Francis Voter Campaign has worked to turn out voters with a strategy that seeks the common good through multi-issue voting. Training workshops, in-person tour events, and online events have inspired people to get out and vote (and mobilize friends and family, too) for multiple justice issues. Pope Francis Voters know that single-issue voting–basing a vote on a candidate’s abortion beliefs–is harmful because it blinds one from the economic and racial justice issues that keep people, especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples, from living thriving lives.

Racist laws won’t go away and our rigged economy won’t be made fair after one vote, but when justice-seekers get out and vote, they do the work needed to build anew for a better future and protect our democracy and the freedoms we value. YOUR VOICE IS YOUR VOTE. Speak up with your ballot and make our country a place where all of us can thrive in an inclusive democracy.