NETWORK believes that access to quality, affordable healthcare for all is a fundamental human right. Racial and economic disparities in healthcare should be eliminated.
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Catholic Social Justice requires all of us to act as our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers. One way that we can meet the needs of our human family is by ensuring that all people have access to quality, affordable healthcare. We believe access to healthcare is a basic human right. While passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a significant step forward in providing healthcare for all, there are still too many in the United States who lack access to quality care. Ultimately, we seek a healthcare system that is both high-quality and affordable, and NETWORK believes a Medicare for all model meets that dual goal.

NETWORK Advocates for Federal Policies That:

Expand Medicaid to all families and individuals who are eligible across the country

Under the ACA, families and individuals who earn less than 138% of the federal poverty level are eligible for Medicaid, but not all state governments have opted-in to that expanded coverage for people on the brink of poverty.  Lawmakers who deny access to healthcare for Americans struggling in poverty are acting unjustly.

Medicaid must be available to all eligible persons and elected officials should immediately expand this vital healthcare program.

Achieve genuine affordability and accessibility for all, especially disenfranchised populations including people of color, children, people with disabilities, and the elderly

Healthcare costs must not exceed a family or individual’s ability to pay for services.  Funding should be available through government funds to subsidize access for families and individuals who need assistance in order to receive services. Communities of color face unique challenges to care; steps must be taken to eliminate glaring racial disparities that exist between those who get health care and those who lack access but need it most.

Finance healthcare fairly, with shared investment based on ability to pay

Revenues raised to finance healthcare through our tax system should be enough to pay for the public need.  The burden of taxation should not rest disproportionately on those who have the least; those who are able to pay more, must contribute more.

Require health insurers to offer comprehensive benefits for everyone, including preventative, primary, acute, mental health and long-term care services

Healthcare services provided through insurance must be comprehensive and meet the needs of all Americans to nurture the dignity of every person.

Pursue Medicare for all

Every year, huge amounts of money are lost to subsidizing profits for for-profit insurers. Further, the current system does not adequately contain the rising cost of goods and services.

Medicare is the most efficient healthcare delivery system in our country. Our nation must pursue Medicaid for all in order to achieve the highest level of care and the greatest affordability for all people.

Policy Solutions
  • Medicaid Expansion
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • Health Equity in Access to Healthcare
  • Medicare for All
  • The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)