Sister Simone Testifies to #ProtectKids

Sister Simone testifies in front of the House Oversight Committee Subcommittee on Government Operations subcommittee about the Trump administration’s harmful proposal to change the poverty line calculation.
Watch live Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern.

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  2. Roxane Raffin Chan

    Ms. Hutchinson, I am so impressed with your testimony. You are well informed and articulate. I would love to connect with you and work with you to address poverty.

  3. Phyllis Bazzano

    Thanks for the wake up call. The hearing that I saw was interesting and civil.
    After last nights report of the nation’s economic prosperity it seems callous to cut aid to pro of poverty.

  4. Margaret Wood

    This was powerful!
    There was little skirting around holding speakers accountable for their comments.
    There was effective myth busting.
    Many thanks for the heads-up notification of Sr. Simone’s testimony.
    Is there going to be a recording of this committee hearing available for future viewing?

  5. Erin Dolan

    I watched the entire hearing. Thanks to Sister Simone for her witness to the gross inequities in our system.

    I would very much like to reach out to the woman from West Virginia who testified along With Sister Simone. I don’t Houghton her name was Ms. Hutchins but several people called her Ms. Hutchinson. Would it be possible to get her contact information?

    Thanks for your work.

    Erin Dolan

  6. Patricia Rogers

    Thank you, Network, for making me aware of this hearing. It was fascinating and Sr. Simone did a great job, as usual. Will the other 4 hearings be streamed? It was such a great reminder of all the different ramifications that poverty plays in the life of someone living in poverty. The struggles of deciding what you can pay for in a month; ie, insulin, shoes for the kids, food, etc. is staggering.

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