Gina Kelley

Government Relations Specialist

Gina Kelley recently graduated from Pacific University with a Bachelor’s in Politics and Government and minors in Spanish and philosophy. Before joining NETWORK, she previously interned at Northwest Workers’ Justice Project and in Senator Merkley’s Portland office. Additionally, she volunteered teaching English to adult migrants in weekly night classes. Gina also worked as a research assistant at Pacific contributing to published academic work. Her senior thesis explored the intersection of masculinity, nonverbal behavior, and party identification in male senators during the Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing and will soon be published.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I was raised by a young single mother who instilled a strong sense of empathy and social justice from a young age. As I grew older, I quickly realized that I wanted to spend my life helping those who need it the most. I believe that the promises of equality, hope, and stability that this country makes should be given to all and I am so honored to be able to contribute towards those goals.

What do you love outside of work?
-Finding new coffee shops
-Spending time with my little brother and family back home

Originally from: Santa Rosa, CA.