Access to quality, affordable health care for all is a fundamental human right. We must eliminate racial and economic disparities in health outcomes.


Our Position

Catholic Social Justice tells us it is our moral responsibility to guarantee access to health care for all, regardless of social or economic status, race, or ability to pay. Our government must expand health care affordability and access, eliminate disparities in health outcomes based on race and economic status, and curb the exploitative behavior of the pharmaceutical industry. We have seen too many family members, friends, and neighbors die from lack of care and unaffordable medicines in our country.

NETWORK Advocates for Federal Policies That:

Expand Medicaid across the country.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), families and individuals earning less than 138% of the federal poverty level are eligible for Medicaid. Today, there are still state governments refusing to opt-in to this expanded coverage for people on the brink of poverty. Lawmakers in those states who deny access to health care for families and individuals struggling in poverty are responsible for keeping their states’ residents from life-saving care.

Medicaid must be available to all who are eligible, without work requirements or other burdensome restrictions; elected officials should expand this vital health care program immediately.

Achieve genuine affordability and accessibility for all, especially marginalized communities.

Health care must not exceed a family or individual’s ability to pay for services. Government funding should subsidize health care costs for families and individuals in need of assistance. Communities of color face unique challenges to care, resulting in glaring racial disparities; we must take steps to eliminate disparities between those with access to affordable health care and those who lack access but need it most.

Finance health care fairly, with shared national investment based on ability to pay.

Funds raised to pay for health care through our tax system should be enough to cover the need. The price of health care should not rest on those who have the least; those who are able to pay more, must contribute more.

Require health insurers to offer comprehensive benefits for everyone.

Health care services provided through insurance must be comprehensive (including preventative, primary, acute, mental health and long-term care services) and meet the needs of all to nurture the dignity of every person.