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Destiny on Lowest Points

Destiny Guenette - Newark, New Jersey

Destiny shares about how at the lowest point in her life everyone she knew was gone or passed away. She was wandering around the county when she overdosed and had to be brought back to life. She woke up in the hospital and still didn't realize that she had a problem, even while her sisters were with her.

She notes that it took so much for her to get that she had a problem in part due to her deep depression. She credits Integrity house for helping with her addiction and her depression by surrounding her with community. She says that Integrity house has helped her get the help and resources she needed, even when she didn't know that she needed or wanted them.

She came to Integrity house after spending time in jail. She tells how she lied about having an addiction problem and was planning on using when she got out. She credits the people she met in the four month long term program for changing her life. She recalls crying all the time as she worked through issues that she didn't know she had. She shares about how having someone believe in you and grow together in community to fight their addiction and fight the stigma they experience as people who have struggled with addiction.