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Nate’s Inner Calling

Nate Bonds - Newark, New Jersey

Nate is the survivor of seven near-fatal alcohol-related automobile accidents.  In the last accident he hit a tree at 123 mph and was cut out of the car with the jaws of life.

He shares that he is well versed in the Bible and dedicated his life to Christ at 8 years old. Every time he speaks about God "outside people" tell him that he's destined to be a preacher. He's heard it so many times that, in combination with surviving so many nearly fatal car crashes, he sees that becoming a preacher is his calling and that it's time to head in that direction.

He also relates to mental health issues. He's notes that while he's always been very well spoken and acted as though everything was okay, he's had underlying issues for years, and has run from these issues through alcoholism. He notes that the mental health aspect of what Integrity house does really helps a lot of people.