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It’s Not Fair! The Florida Immigrant Policy Gap

Kayjoy Cooper - Wyncote, Pennsylvania

In my dozen years in Miami I never ceased to give my theme song to the Handmaids' many Cuban friends:  We rejoice in the "wet foot/dry foot" policy of the US government which allowed you, your parents, families, and friends into the country (either that way or by the Peter Pan Airlift or by other means).

Have you ever wondered... 'It's Not Fair' that other refugees do not have that same easy entry and any government benefits, like a Green Card, which might have accompanied your family's resettlement.

I seemed to find a listening ear, which at least was a start to a new awareness of the massive numbers of Haitian and other Islands and Central and South American refugees and immigrants and asylum seekers who with great struggle were/are gratefully trying to call Miami and other parts of the States home. Kayjoy Coopert, acj