NETWORK Part of Immigration Amicus Brief Filed with Supreme Court – and Praying for Justice

Sister Mary Ellen Lacy, D.C.
April 24, 2012

On April 26, 2012, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral arguments on Arizona’s anti-immigration law S.B. 1070, and a ruling is expected before the end of the term in June.

NETWORK, along with approximately 50 other civil rights, faith, and community organizations filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court urging the affirmance of the injunction issued by the lower court. (We are also taking part in a prayer vigil before the Supreme Court during the week. Photo shows NETWORK’s Sr. Mary Ellen Lacy leading a prayer.)

Although purportedly targeting “unlawfully present” immigrants, S.B. 1070 will dramatically harm the lives of U.S. citizens, Lawful Permanent Residents (“LPRs”), and other individuals across a spectrum of immigration statuses—such as asylum seekers and victims of violent crimes—in ways that run counter to the federal immigration scheme. Underlying S.B. 1070 are two fallacies. The first is that each person fits into one of two categories—those who are “lawfully present” and those who are not. The second is that Arizona law enforcement officers can readily distinguish between these categories by simply reviewing a certain set of federally mandated documents, or by calling the federal government on the telephone….

Excerpted from the amicus brief. See entire amicus brief here.

NETWORK believes that individual state-authored or Supreme Court-tweaked legislation is not the ideal; nor is it representative of the separation of powers and the checks and balances mandated by the first articles in the U.S. Constitution.

NETWORK maintains that the manner in which we treat immigrants is one of national significance, and we call upon Congress to adopt federally mandated legislation that is just, compassionate and wise.

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