An American Dream for All Americans

By Monsieree De Castro
April 18, 2016

As a Filipino immigrant, I’ve always stood out. My dark hair, dark skin, foreign language, and Asian features have always distinguished me from the majority of those around me. Today I didn’t stand out for being foreign. Today I wasn’t just an immigrant. Today, 4,000 of us stood outside the Supreme Court in solidarity with one another. We come from different countries, we speak in different tongues and practice different religions, but today we came together as Americans to support our immigrant brothers and sisters. Together we’re asking the Supreme Court to support DACA+ and DAPA: giving undocumented immigrants the chance to live without fear, and fully pursue the American dream.

It was an honor to stand alongside those who continue speak up and use their voice, even as rhetoric around the country is attempting to crush their morale. I was in awe witnessing the unity and joy radiating from the crowd. Our African-American brothers and sisters from the Howard University Gospel Choir sang hymns reminiscent of the civil rights era. Mariachi bands nourished the Mexican spirit whirling in the air. Korean drums had all our hearts beating to the same rhythm and conviction.

The scene outside of the Supreme Court today was a testimony of how beautiful our country can be when we come together, cherish each other’s differences, and uphold each other’s dreams. Growing up as an immigrant, it was difficult be proud of my heritage when it’s what made me different. As I stood outside of the Supreme Court today, I proudly proclaimed my immigrant background, and embraced my Filipino heritage. Today demonstrated that we as a nation should be proud of our immigrant sisters and brothers, and the strength and beauty they’ve brought to our country.

We stand together as one nation, as one people, united by our convictions and strengthened by our differences. We’ve all come to this country pursuing our own American dreams. Now we pursue the dream of an America where everyone is celebrated because of where they come from. We are a greater and more harmonious country when everyone is allowed the opportunity to dream.

We remind the Supreme Court of the words of 6-year-old Sophie Cruz: “You too were children, you too had dreams like me.”