Census Partnerships and Outreach

The Census Bureau is undertaking nation-wide outreach efforts, including communications campaigns with paid advertising, partnerships with local organizations, and targeted outreach to immigrant and faith-based organizations. The Census Bureau has many opportunities to help your community or the community you serve be accurately counted so you will not miss out on critical funding and congressional representation for the next decade. The Census Bureau is looking for partnerships now across government, non-profit, corporate and community organizations to spread the message and mobilize to support the goal of a fair and accurate count.

As this effort grows, the Census Bureau is also recruiting and hiring people to fill paid Partnership Specialist positions across the country. Partnership Specialists collaborate with Census partners, planning, developing, and managing the partnership agreements and coordinating with partners throughout the entire census time frame. This work needs to start soon, so it’s important for the success of the 2020 Census to get the word out now about opportunities to be a Census partner or Partnership Specialist.

Learn more about Census Bureau outreach efforts and how you can get involved: