The National Black Sisters’ Conference Calls for “Justice for Tyre!”

Mary J. Novak and Joan F. Neal
January 31, 2023

On January 30, the National Black Sisters’ Conference (NBSC) published a powerful statement addressing the murder of 29-year old Tyre Nichols by Memphis police officers. We join the NBSC in grieving the loss of Tyre Nichols’ life and calling for the immediate passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and reforms to policing at all levels.

Read the National Black Sisters’ Conference Statement on the murder of Tyre Nichols:

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  2. Anne J. Van Lanen

    My heart cries and sighs with black mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters and children who carry this pain in their heart. May God fill them with comfort, courage and Love.

  3. Dorothy Dempsey

    Dorothy Dempsey February 4, 2023
    Accountability and Transparency is the key to the order of police Departments. Many Police Officers are not held accountable for their grievous deeds and rogue mentality.
    Some people feel that training is the key. Police are trained ,but then told to forget about the training and “And do it our way”. Baltimore city had a system of rogue police officers and their bad deeds resonate even today.

  4. Anne M Mulderry

    Bless the Black Sisters for speaking Truth to Power and raising their their own sorrowing voices to Tyre’s Mother’s lament. May a fitting and loving response guide this country to the righteous path of justice.

  5. Kate O’Connell

    Tyre’s call to his mother is a call to each one of us and echoes the calls of so many others before him. Will we listen to these cries and carry them in our hearts? Will we stand with these families, our families?


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