NETWORK Releases 2023 Voting Record, Decries ‘Dysfunctional, Unproductive’ Congress 


For Immediate Release: January 23, 2024

WASHINGTON—NETWORK has released its Congressional Voting Record for the First Session of the 118th Congress, noting that this Congress was the most dysfunctional and unproductive Congress of the modern era. This was largely due to many extremists in the House of Representatives who deliberately sowed chaos and obstruction as a tactic to detract from addressing the real needs of communities.  

“The first session of the 118th Congress stands out as a year of abject legislative failure. It was a year of squandered opportunity, petty infighting, and deep frustration,” said Laura Peralta-Schulte, NETWORK Senior Director of Public Policy and Government Relations. “The House of Representatives completely failed in their responsibility to the American people. As always, the high cost of inaction falls hardest on the most vulnerable among us.” 

The 2023 Voting Record contains legislation on issues including funding for critical human needs programs like WIC, asylum law and practices at the border (like family separation), discrimination against same-sex married partners, and continuing resolutions to keep the government open. Only 14 Senators and 135 Representatives voted 100% in alignment with NETWORK and faithful justice-seekers around the country on the bills cited  in the record. 

The 2023 Voting Record, scoring every Member of Congress, can be found online. 

Despite the lack of accomplishments in Congress in 2023, NETWORK’s Build Anew agenda still made progress due in large part to the Biden administration’s steady efforts to use its executive and regulatory authority to protect our nation’s most vulnerable communities. 

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