Alex Burnett

Grassroots Mobilzation Associate

As one of NETWORK’s Grassroots Mobilization Associates, Alex Burnett organizes, educates, and mobilizes NETWORK members to take action for progressive policies. Prior to working at NETWOR, Alex graduated magna cum laude from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where Alex received an A.B. in 20th Century U.S History (Honors) and Gender & Sexuality Studies. While at Brown, Alex wrote an award winning History Honors Thesis about the War on Crime and LGBTQ anti-police activism, worked for 2 years at Brown’s LGBTQ Center, and participated in numerous labor, campus, and community campaigns. Some highlights of Alex’s activist work include: interning, working, and serving on the Board of Directors for The George Wiley Center, a community organizing group working for progressive utility policies; volunteering with Brown’s Student Labor Alliance, a student-labor solidarity group; interning with The Rhode Island Center for Justice, a public interest law firm; and working at Service Employees’ International Union (SEIU) Local 1199 New England, a healthcare workers’ union located in Providence, Rhode Island.

Where I find inspiration for my work:
-Through the relationships I’ve built doing social justice.
-Through the victories we’ve won together for a better world

What do you love outside of work:
-Watching TV
-Spending time with my family, friends, and 2 pet bunnies

Originally From: Bedford, Massachusetts

Why do you like DC? Besides the wonderful people I’ve met, I love all the political activism taking place.