We Must Speak Out Against Immoral Budget Cuts

By Simone Campbell, SSS
April 12, 2011

Yesterday I participated in a press conference with Senator Mark Begich from Alaska and other faith leaders. We spoke out against the House Republican Budget proposal that will add dramatic financial burdens to the elderly, families, and children while continuing to give BIG tax give-aways to millionaire and billionaire Republican campaign contributors. I thought that I was hardened to Washington ways and could not be shocked by the political shenanigans. But I am shocked!

I am shocked that the Republicans want to give untold millions of dollars to the insurance industry and add to the financial burden of senior citizens by privatizing Medicare. I am shocked that amid the rhetoric of reducing the deficit, all of the savings from cutting safety net programs goes to reducing corporate taxes on companies that are already not paying their fair share to support our nation. I am shocked that these allegedly pro-life, pro-family Republicans are dramatically cutting nutritious food for poor women and their infants. These allegedly pro-life Republicans are cutting Community Health Centers that provide essential health services to many low income families AND they want to shift this “savings” to augment high CEO salaries. I am shocked that the Republicans are yet again setting up class warfare by increasing corporate welfare.

But I for one, while shocked, will not be silent. And I know that our members around the country and other sane people will stand up for our nation’s soul. We are once again at a crossroads. I urge all of us to stand up and demand that our representatives speak for ordinary Americans. It is not immoral to be wealthy, but it IS immoral to starve low wage workers, widows, orphans, mothers, and children. We must make our voices heard and reveal the immoral scheme of the corporate serving, campaign contributor rewarding policies of the Republican budget proposed by Congressman Ryan.