Sister Simone Campbell Relieved at Defeat of ACA Repeal

For Immediate Release: July 28, 2017 
Contact: Ashley Wilson, 202-601-7856

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to the defeat of “skinny repeal” amending the AHCA, Sister Simone Campbell, SSS, Executive Director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice said:

The Catholic Sisters and activists of NETWORK stand with our nation’s most vulnerable people, and I am grateful that last night, 51 members of the Senate chose the same path. For the sake of all the people I know who were terrified that their healthcare would be taken away, I am relieved. In the midst of partisan posturing, in the end, dedication to the common good prevailed.

“The road ahead is not likely to be straight or easy, but we must work together to improve healthcare for our people. What we learned last night is that it is impossible to legislate for the common good if a bill is created by one party in the shadows and only public for a few hours.

 “NETWORK activists are committed to living out our faith mandate to protect healthcare as a right, not a privilege. We did it when we advocated in support of the Affordable Care Act seven years ago, and have done it ceaselessly ever since. I am proud and humbled that 7,150 of my Sisters joined with me this week to speak out in our Nuns’ Letter and that our faith community united in opposition to the plan to destroy healthcare.

“I am especially grateful to the leadership of Senators Murkowski and Collins throughout this fight. It is clear to me that they were moved and motivated by the stories of their constituents who would be hurt by this legislation. They were not intimidated by the offer of partisan buyouts. I particularly appreciate their commitment to dialogue that seemingly shaped Senator McCain’s views on the Senate floor last night.

“Moving forward, I pray that the Senate will focus on bipartisan fixes to the ACA . I urge Senators to put aside the hyper-partisanship and work for a better solution for our nation.  For the faithful way forward, I suggest they review NETWORK’s Ten Commandments of Affordable Healthcare.


Sister Simone Campbell and other Catholic Sisters are available for interviews. Contact Ashley Wilson at [email protected] or 202-601-7856 to arrange an interview.

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