One Year from Election, Faithful Democracy Coalition Releases Voters Covenant

For Immediate Release: November 5, 2019
Contact: Lee Morrow, [email protected], 202-601-7871

 One Year from Election, Faithful Democracy Coalition Releases Voters Covenant

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Faithful Democracy coalition released Faithful Democracy: Restoring the Voters Covenant to coincide with the one-year-out mark until the 2020 elections. Our democratic processes have been corrupted at every level: voter suppression and intimidation; outsized financial contributions from anonymous donors and corporate interests; gerrymandering; and foreign actors hijacking public discourse in bad faith.

The Voters Covenant is a call for elected officials to restore the government’s sacred responsibilities: to the common good rather than special interests; to fairness and protecting the disempowered from the powerful; and to the public trust in the honesty and accountability of elected leaders. The faith community claims a distinctive role in the public debate as the moral conscience of the state, and is calling lawmakers to an examination of conscience.

Faithful Democracy’s yearlong initiative, led by NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, Franciscan Action Network, Presbyterian Church (USA), and Friends Committee on National Legislation, will use the election year to highlight the need for democracy reform. The Voters Covenant, with endorsements from 26 national faith based organizations can be accessed here:

Sister Quincy Howard, OP, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice said:

“Today marks exactly one year out from the next federal election, and our democracy is not ready. Cynicism permeates the national attitude: Americans are questioning the value of our vote, the integrity of our elections, and the interests that our elected officials serve. With public trust at an all-time low, the Faithful Democracy Coalition is marking the one year countdown to the 2020 election as a unique and hopeful opportunity. With the Voters Covenant, we are embracing reforms that ensure our democracy will truly reflect our national ideals. In a secular democracy, voting is the closest thing we have to a sacrament. We must protect this sacrament. As a Catholic Sister who follows Pope Francis’ call to engage in politics, I know that each of us has a role in ensuring that free and fair elections define our nation in 2020 and beyond.”

Patrick Carolan, Executive Director, Franciscan Action Network said:

“We’re roughly one year until the 2020 election. Voting is one of our most sacred duties as Americans. As Franciscans and as Christians, we believe in the dignity of each and every human being. Our work with the Faithful Democracy good governance campaign stems from this belief – each and every American should have their voice heard and have an equal say in our elections. This means that their ability to vote should not be suppressed and that outside money from corporations should not drown out an individual’s voice. Because we believe this, the Franciscan Action Network will continue to advocate in 2020 and beyond for equal access to the ballot for all Americans and for public financing to stop the corrosive influence of unchecked big money on our democracy.”


NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice – advocates for justice inspired by Catholic Sisters – educates, organizes, and lobbies for economic and social transformation. They have a 46-year track record of lobbying for critical federal programs that support those at the margins and prioritize the common good.