Jeremiah Pennebaker

Grassroots Mobilization Associate

Jeremiah is one of our Grassroots Mobilization Associates. At NETWORK his focus is to reach out to members and grassroots contacts to work with them on advocating for policies motivated by principles of Catholic Social Justice. Jeremiah graduated from Xavier University in the spring of 2017 with his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and the Public. He anticipates completing his Masters in the spring of 2018. During his time as an undergrad, Jeremiah participated and led several service and justice education programs where he cultivated a love for social justice.

Where he finds his inspiration for work:

• His heroes, such as his father, Batman and others who fight for justice and dignity of all people

What he loves outside of NETWORK:

• Listening to music and podcasts
• Watching superhero movies

Originally from: Louisville, Kentucky