Sadia Rahman

Database Coordinator

Sadia is the official keeper of our member database. She makes it easy to create ongoing relationships with our thousands of supporters, because we have member data that is streamlined and organized. Because of her work, we are able to keep members educated about the federal social justice issues so they are able to advocate for real change.
Prior to coming to NETWORK, Sadia worked in as an analyst at two corporations, as a policy analyst for the Canadian government, and as a program coordinator at a nonprofit organization that raises money in the U.S. for a women’s university in Bangladesh. She graduated from Princeton University where she was a History major and got a Masters in International Affairs from the New School for Public Engagement in New York.

Where she finds inspiration for work:
• seeing how NETWORK members and activists remain engaged in politics even in difficult times

What she loves outside of NETWORK:
• watching the Colbert Report
• drawing and painting

What she loves about DC:
• the museums

Originally from: New York