NETWORK Lobby Voting Record 2020
116th Congress – 2nd Session

In 2020, the United States faced unprecedented threats to the health and wellbeing of our democracy, including the dual crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and systemic racism. The COVID-19 pandemic ravaged our communities and hit communities of color the hardest. Despite this, Congressional negotiations stalled month after month, as Senator McConnell refused to agree on measures needed to support workers and families.

President Trump and his administration exhibited failed leadership in response to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, with perilous consequences. The Trump administration’s failed leadership cost the lives of our neighbors, our family, and our community members who were essential workers, health care workers, teachers, and grandparents. NETWORK supported President Trump’s impeachment, but the Senate failed to end President Trump’s increasingly dangerous presidency with nearly every Republican Senator voting to acquit President Trump on both the first and second articles of impeachment.

In 2020, Members of Congress had a moral responsibility to legislate with the best interests of our people at heart and prioritize addressing the racial disparities in the coronavirus pandemic. This year’s Voting Record demonstrates how elected officials voted in 2020 on policies related to COVID-19 relief, democracy, workers’ rights, impeachment, police reforms, and more. Members’ scores are a reflection of their commitment to the wellbeing of our democracy and to protecting the lives of people and families across the United States. These votes have consequences for our nation and for our people. Download the 2020 Congressional Voting Record.

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