Alice Gerdman, CDP

Sister Alice is a long term educator and advocate for peace and justice issues. Commitment to Catholic Social Justice Teaching is her inspiration for reflection and action. Through this lens, she has worked with religious communities of women and men, numerous faith-based groups, and caring individuals and groups on local, national and global concerns. Sister Alice has spread the message as an adjunct university faculty, through programs and workshops of a variety of issues, and in the media. As Coordinator of Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center in Cincinnati for 22 years, she initiated and coordinated various efforts including peace camps for children, a dialogue process for teens and adults, and a bringing together of families with loved ones facing execution. By organizing educational programs, rallies, protests, prayer vigils, and lobbying opportunities she facilitated the efforts of concerned persons to learn about and become involved in efforts to bring about systemic change. Sister Alice works for immigration reform, an end to racism, abolition of the death penalty, and for nonviolence initiatives. Sister Alice is a member of the Congregation of Divine Providence of Kentucky and chairs their Peace and Justice Committee. She serves on NETWORK’s Development Committee.

What calls you to NETWORK? Where do you find inspiration in this work?
NETWORK’s educational programs and lobbying efforts continue to motivate Sister Alice. She has utilized NETWORK’S thoughtful, clear and value based information for many years. It just keeps being needed.

What do you like to do outside of NETWORK?
She loves reading, painting, cooking (especially desserts), and appreciates the many unexpected adventures life brings.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio