Press Release: Sister Simone Responds to Vote on Budget Deal

For Immediate Release: February 9, 2018
Contact: Ashley Wilson,, 202-601-7856
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the recent vote on a CR for FY 2018 and the news that a budget agreement had been reached, Sister Simone Campbell, SSS, Executive Director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, released the following:

On behalf of the Catholic Sisters and advocates of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, I applaud Congress for finally reaching an agreement on the FY 2018 Budget. Despite the brinksmanship of Senator Paul, both the Senate and House passed a fifth CR, on the way to funding the Government for FY 2018.

“However, we cannot ignore the fact that this deal is 130 days late and could have been achieved last September. But given this reality, NETWORK urges Congress to take swift action to finish the deal to fund government agencies and programs for the remainder of FY 2018 and pass a full budget.

“This CR will send communities much-needed relief. The roughly $300 billion two-year agreement is a down payment on critical investments in the lives of everyday working families. As Congress completes its work for FY 2018 and begins work for FY 2019, I lift up the principles of a Faithful Budget. Our nation will be better with adequate funding for the 2020 Census, low-income housing, and other vital human needs programs.

“Operating month-to-month on short-term spending resolutions is no way for a federal government to function. NETWORK demands that Congress break this insidious cycle.

“During the window of this fifth CR, I urge Speaker Ryan and House GOP leadership to make the same commitment as Senator McConnell, to pass a positive legislative fix for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immediately. This is the faithful way forward for our families, our communities, and our nation. House Republican leadership needs to be responsible and commit to bringing a positive DACA fix to the floor for a vote.”

NETWORK – advocates for justice inspired by Catholic sisters – educates, organizes, and lobbies for economic and social transformation. They have a 45-year track record of lobbying for critical federal programs that support those at the margins and prioritize the common good.