Grassroots Mobilization Team Announces 2022 Summer Social Justice Workshops

Summer Social Justice Workshop Series Ends Soon

NETWORK Lobby’s Grassroots Mobilization Team has two remaining 2022 Summer Social Justice Workshops this month. We hope you can register for one and bring friends and family with you! Are you interested in attending future workshops and trainings? Please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Racial Wealth and Income Gap Workshop

The median wealth gap between Black and white families in the United States is one of the more glaring symptoms of our racially unjust economic system. In fact, in 2019 white families had 7 times the wealth of Black families. This massive difference in wealth is no accident. Instead, it was created and has been sustained by generations of racist federal policies.

NETWORK’s Racial Wealth and Income Gap workshop combines an informational presentation, interactive simulation, individual reflections, and group discussion to educate participants about the origins of our nation’s racial wealth and income gap.

Over the course of the workshop, participants engage with 12 different federal policies, implemented throughout our nation’s history, which led to the intentional divestment of the Black community and provided the structure for what we understand as white privilege today. The workshop dispels claims of America’s meritocracy as well as popular “bootstrap” narratives by providing participants with an opportunity to examine the institutional and political realities of racism. We’re proud to offer this workshop

Thurs.,  July 12, 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT



The June 29th workshop is over.

Tax Justice for All – Unveiling the Racist Impacts of the U.S. Tax Code

This interactive workshop tackles the issue of inequality in the U.S. tax code. You will follow five different families through a lifetime of tax code implications to see the ways the U.S. tax code disadvantages women and people of color. Participants will then work together to reimagine the tax code and see how we can use the tax code to create a society that truly advances us toward justice for all. (Both sessions will cover the same content.

Join us for one of our upcoming dates and help us reimagine a tax system that leaves no one behind!

We are unable to record these sessions.

Thurs., July 7, 12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT



The June 14th workshop is over.

Transformative Conversations to Bridge Divides

In our increasingly polarized society, many of us avoid engaging in tough conversations, especially with loved ones with differing beliefs. But rather than avoiding these difficult conversations, it is essential to engage and be in relationship with those with whom we disagree. As Pope Francis reminds us: “differences are creative; they create tension and in the resolution of tension lies humanity’s progress.”

We invite you to join one of our upcoming Transformative Conversations to Bridge Divides workshops. In this workshop, participants will explore the ways society is structured to divide us and develop the skills needed to begin to break down those divides with their loved ones.

The June 9 workshop is over.

The June 22 workshop is over.