NETWORK Advocates Participate in Lobby Day 2022

Justice-seekers Urge Congress to Make Sentencing Reforms

Catherine Gillette
July 13, 2021

94 NETWORK advocates from 14 states visited Senate offices at this year’s Virtual Lobby Day.  They engaged staff on their desire to have criminal legal reform bills, with special emphasis on sentencing reform. For their political ministry work, the advocates received training and briefs from NETWORK’s Grassroots Mobilization and Government Relations teams  in areas like:

Lobby Day Spotlight: The New York Team

The New York advocates were the largest group to participate.  The citizen lobbyists were organized by New York NETWORK Advocates Team Lead Jane S.B. who took the lead in coordinating and leading the lobby visits.  Other NY advocates included:

Danielle B., Faith C., Peter C., Marie C., Carol D., Catherine D., Virginia F., Mary H., Lois H., Bill H., Beth L., Serena L., Susan M., Jennifer .P., Jane S.B., Phyllis T., and Helen W.

The NY delegation also included NY-based NETWORK Partners: John Alexander (Voting and Anti-Racism Committee of Sisters of Charity JPIC office); Marina Fainchiled (Freedom Unshackled Coalition), Gloria Lavine (Elder at Prince’s Bay Refomed Church and Staten Island Council of Churches), Roni Minter (Founder of Freedom Unshackled and Sistas Healing Old Wounds), Dr. Cris Mogenson (Chaplain, Broome County Jail, Binghamton), Elder Chibueze Okorie (Minister of Evangelism and Director of Project Connect), Gary Van Kennen (President of NY State Council of Churches and member of Kairos Prison Ministries).

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