Press Release: Candidates: Meet the ‘Pope Francis Catholic’ Electorate

Sister Simone Campbell on a New Era of Energized Catholic Voters


For Immediate Release: May 4, 2016
Contact: Caren Benjamin
[email protected]
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WASHINGTON – On the day that Donald Trump became the sole remaining Republican presidential candidate, Sister Simone Campbell offered advice to all politicians on how best to appeal to the Catholic electorate in this, the era of Pope Francis.

“In this, the first presidential election in the era of Pope Francis, attempts to control the ‘Catholic vote’ through issues of personal sexuality – often nothing more than a crass political calculation – will no longer work as well, if at all,” Sister Simone wrote in a piece published by The Inquirer of Philadelphia earlier this week.

“Instead, those who seek to divide our nation will find themselves up against a spiritual leader who has taken the teachings of our faith that have resided for many in the dusty tomes of Catholic scholarship and philosophy and made them breathing realities in our daily lives. In doing so, he has energized Catholics to embody the center of our faith – active concern for the common good and attention to the needs of those around us.”

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