Protecting Our Democracy and Ensuring Fair Elections

Sr. Quincy Howard, OP
October 15, 2021

Last week, I participated in civil disobedience in front of the White House — and spent the night in jail — to draw attention to how critical it is that we pass legislation to make the promise of our democracy real. What is it that makes this moment so important? Watch my conversation with NETWORK Deputy Executive Director Joan Neal to learn more.

This summer, NETWORK justice-seekers raised their voices and took action to strengthen our freedom to vote at rallies, vigils, farmers markets, and even the zoo. Under the banner of “Team Democracy,” hundreds of justice-seekers across the country called on Congress to support legislation that protects the freedom to vote. Meanwhile, thousands of Catholic Sisters signed onto a letter to Senator Schumer telling him not to let minority opposition prevent the Senate passing democracy legislation any longer.

We expect the Senate to vote on the Freedom to Vote Act next week. Will you call your Senators today to tell them that you support this urgently needed legislation?

Dial 888-885-1748. When you call, be sure to introduce yourself and say:

 “I’m asking the Senator to support the passage of S.2747, the Freedom to Vote Act to protect the right to vote and save our democracy.”

Call twice to reach both of your Senators’ offices!